Environmental Sustainability

Care for the environment and sustainability are fast becoming big issues for governments, business and society at large. The world has limited resources and we all have to ensure that we use these sparingly in the most beneficial way. This applies to raw materials, energy and water. Oil is becoming ever more expensive as the areas of easy to extract crude run out and we have to turn to more expensive and difficult extraction methods. We should aim to create as little waste as possible through recycling and reuse of what we have already consumed. Many areas of the world are increasingly being recognised as environmentally sensitive.

Blue Ocean Island Holdings considers very seriously the impact of its projects on the environment. Increasingly legislators in many countries require prospective developers to prepare environmental impact assessments of their plans as a condition for state and / or governments  to grant permission for such developments.

We want to go further!

We conduct environmental impact assessments of all its projects across eight broad areas with a view to embrace the principles of a circular economy:

  • Greenhouse gases
  • Water usage
  • Reuse and disposal of waste in all its forms
  • Natural resource usage
  • Land and water pollutants
  • Impact on the local area and opportunities for local supply of all material and consumables
  • Current and proposed legislation

The results of these assessments are then incorporated into the final plans before any physical work is undertaken.


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Embracing a Circular Economy

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